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(Formally Caltripp’s Canine Companions)

Contact us: Email: info@trippcanines.com
Phone: 517-759-9673

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We are located in Tecumseh, Michigan (about 65 miles southwest of Detroit)

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Puppies We Offer


CKC registered CAVAPOO pups.   Mom is an AKC/CKC registered purebred King Charles Cavalier, dad is an AKC/CKC registered Toy Poodle.  Both parents are OFA, DNA health & breed tested. 


DOB:  02/26/24

Ready:  04/26/24



CKC registered HAVAPOO pups.  Dad is an AKC/CKC registered, OFA certified, Toy Poodle.  Moms are purebred CKC registered Havanese that are from AKC registered lines.  All parents are DNA breed/health tested and one of our girls has also been OFA certified

Check back in April 2023 for update!


CKC registered purebred HAVANESE pups.  My Havanese parents are CKC registered that are from AKC registered lines.  Parents are DNA breed/health tested and one of our girls has also been OFA certified

Check back in April 2023 for update!


Occationally, we will have retired Havanese adults (6+ years old females) or possibly younger adult Havanese that we have removed from our breeding program (2-5 years old) which we are looking to rehome.   Click below for available dogs..

Our Dogs

All of our breeding dogs are AKC registered or from AKC registered lines.  They are also CKC registered.

All of our dogs have been DNA health tested clear.  Our Poodle and one of our Havanese have been OFA certified.  Our Cavalier is in the process of getting her OFA certification completed (1 test to go!)  To see photos of our dogs, click on the “Our Dogs” link in the menu.
(Unless outside stud is used who is not CKC registered)


Individual puppy prices vary depending on several factors.  Please click on the links above for pricing and info on available pups.


Deposit to hold a pup is $150 which may be paid via PayPal.  The deposit is non-refundable, however $100 may be transfered to a future litter if hold is cancelled before pup turns 6.5 weeks old.  After that, funds are not transferable.


Oftentimes, I will have a (no fee) waitlist for a litter.  I try to contact people on the list in order and within the first week or two after a litter is born.  I am making a NEW POLICY: Once I contact you (via email or text), you have 48 hours to reply.  Failure to reply within 48 hrs will cost you your spot on the list.  If I don’t hear from you within 14 days, your name will be removed from the list.  Also, I am no longer keeping names on my list for more than a year unless you contact me and let me know that you are still interested. 


We offer a 5 day refundable health guarantee, a 30 day refundable genetic guarantee and a 2 year guarantee against genetic defects that greatly affect the pup’s quality of life and/or require surgery.  Activation of any guarantee requires a veterinary diagnosis. 

SHIPPING:  We do offer shipping.  Here are your options…

 Option 1:  In-cabin transport:  Delta, American & Southwest are a few of the airlines that allow small pets to fly in-cabin.  Our closest major airport is Detroit (DTW).  You can fly yourself here to pick up your pup & fly your pup home with you in-cabin.  You will need to coordinate scheduling with us…we will meet you at the airport for a service fee of $80, however, the cost and arrangement of the R/T flight and pet flight fee is up to you.   

Option 2:  Pet Cargo:   Delta has resumed it’s pet cargo service.  Your estimated cost to have us fly a pup via cargo is approximately $600-$650.  Cost breakdown is as follows: airline fee..$270, airline approved carrier…$50 (for small carrier…more for larger carrier), additional vet exam with official health certificate (required by airlines)…$130, our service fee…$150.

Option 3:  Delivery:   We are willing to deliver a pup (or dog) within 120 miles of Tecumseh, MI for a  delivery fee of approx $1.70 PER MILE (rounded to whole mile and whole dollar).  Delivery service for more than this distance may be arranged.

Option 4:  Ground Transport (over 120 miles):  If you choose this method, arrangements and payment is usually made directly with the transporter.


LeAnn & Chet Tripp

We are hobby breeders with over 25 years experience. Throughout the years we have bred Springer Spaniels, Labador Retrivers & Siberian Huskies.  We got our first small breed dogs, a pair of Havanese, about 14 years ago.  At that time we called ourself “Tripp’s Huskies & Havanese”.  When it was time to retire our Huskies, we did do a couple of Pomsky breedings but decided to just stick with the small breeds.   In 2018 we got our Toy Poodle and and had our first Havapoo litter in 2020.  In 2021 we got our Cavalier and had our first Cavapoo litter in 2023.   So once or twice a year, we will have Cavapoo, Havapoo and/or Havanese pups available.  Occationally, we will also have a retired adult available for adoption.   


LeAnn handles most of the breeding program with Chet helping in the daily care of the dogs and the maintenance their living quarters.   We are entering our retirement years and when it’s time to retire our current breeding females (in 3-4 yrs), we plan on terminating our breeding program.